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Gail reports on “ Zil Payson” in the Seychelles

Earlier on in the week Gail Gavrill who is over in the Seychelles on business was whisked off in Zil Payson’s private helicopter to the island of Felicite to inspect the first completed villa in this world class luxury private development.

Immediately on return to the Banyan Tree (where she is staying for three weeks) she phoned us in Cape Town to say that she had now seen “the most unique property in the entire Seychelles!”

The design is indescribably beautiful she reported –where have you ever seen a lounge ceiling made totally out of a sheet of glass forming the base of a swimming pool above?
The effect of sunlight filtering through water into the room creates a tranquil feeling never experienced before – totally innovative - but then the design is that of Richard Hywel Evans she went on to explain!

Of the 16 villas to be built 12 remain for sale.

Prices range from US $ 4,6m to $ 12,5m and opening is set for Spring 2011

Call us for further detail if uncompromising build quality, design, and unadulterated luxury is what you are looking for.